Do you ever think of making extra earnings by offering real value to people who are in need? We have an idea——Make custom logo socks for people in your country. Begin your custom sock business today and we have your back.

The idea of cooperation in custom sock business

The custom socks market is growing rapidly, as we have talked in an earlier post that people are getting tired of custom T-shirts or custom cups, and custom socks is really a booming product for the next 10 years. Why don’t we cooperate to make a career together?

The business model is easy: You promote custom socks and sell them at your own price, we at SockCustomTM is going to help you in every segment from custom sock designs, production and shipment to the customer’s office.

The potential margin

The margin is HUGE!

You can see in our price table that we offer custom socks at only roughly 50% price of other providers, you can definitely sell at their price because you are a local provider, that way you can earn 50% profit on each order.

Quantity in pairsRegular PriceLimited-time Offer
1,000+$6.99Contact us*
*Contact us for wholesale price for 1,000+ pairs.

For example, if a customer orders 250 pairs of custom logo socks, the usual price on the market is anywhere from $9.99 – $12.99/pair, we will take an average of $10.99 for calculation, i.e. in total you get $2,747.5 for this order.

And at our end, we will help you from the very beginning from sock design mockup creation to shipment, and we only charge you $5.99 per pair, so your margin will be $1,002.5 ($2,500-$5.99*250=$1,002.5). This is great business if you can make 5 sales each month then you make $5,000 per month without worrying about designing, production, quality, material, shipping and etc. If you are able to scale this business, you can easily reach $10-30K per month. On top of that we have some add-on custom sock services like rush order, custom made tags/sleeves that can help you achieve higher profit.

Moreover, as your business grows we are very happy to offer a lower wholesale price for all orders from you, so your margin% will go even higher!

Let’s build career together

How you can promote the custom sock business

There are several ways you can promote this business, you can setup a simply website yourself (you can do this by hiring someone on Fiverr), or you can simply promote via social media, traditional media or whatever, you can even print a “Custom Sock Service” banner and hang it up in your campus, neighborhood or on the street.

The aim is that when people in your country are looking for a custom socks with logo, they can find you and trust you as a native citizen. You can provide support and answer customers’ questions in real time. That’s your strength over us, and that’s why you can earn this profit 🙂

Let’s start this career and make money now! Simply write to us: and ask for any help you will need.

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  1. Looks like I can work this out, custom logo socks is a nice replacement of common custom t-shirts. I will send you an email soon.

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