Who is offering the best price in the branded socks industry? We compared 30+ vendors on the market and here are the results. At the end of this article you can see the full list of vendors with their price for 50, 100, 500, 1,000 pairs of logo socks.

Custom logo socks is the most under-valued item in the promotional products market, there are currently hundreds of vendors offering logo socks and we believe the number will be thousands in the next 3-5 years. In this article you will know who to look our for, amoung the hundreds of vendors on the market. BTW if you are interested in being our distributor pls check out this post.

SockCustom’s Pricing

Quickly for your information, below is the price table of SockCustom. In the Regular Price column it’s actually the average price on the market, and the Limited-time Offer column shows SockCustom’s price.

SockCustom is offering their premium quality socks (high-quality combed cotton socks) at only 50~60% of market price. For example if you want to purchase 100 pairs of logo socks, you typically pay $1,099 to other vendors but at SockCustom, you get them at $699, so $400 saved!

Quantity /pairsRegular PriceLimited-time Offer
1,000+$6.99 Contact us*
*Contact us for wholesale price for 1,000+ pairs.
ServiceAdditional Cost in USD
Free shipping$0
Free design mockup$0
Custom top tag*+ $0.5/pair
Custom wrap sleeve*+ $0.5/pair
Rush order (-1 week)+ $2.0/pair
Pre-production sample+ $150 in total, + 2 weeks
No set up fee 🙂No hidden fee 🙂
* You can choose either custom tag or wrap sleeve.

Other Logo Socks Vendor’s Pricing

We did a deep investigation on the pricing of different custom sock vendors, overall custom socks are not expensive (you pay 10USD to buy an in-stock sock from a local market and, with the same money you can get a custom sock with your logo on it! Just that logo socks usually requires a MOQ, typically 100 pairs).

In the table below you can see their price for 50, 250, 1,000 pairs of logo socks, along with leadtime information. The cells with a ‘\’ means the vendor doesn’t offer that option and the “NA” means we failed to get the specific information. If you find any updates or mistake, please leave a comment below~

Logo Sock VendorsWebsitePrice
SockCustomhttps://sockcustom.com$8.99$5.99$3.99Yes2-3 weeks
FootCardiganhttps://www.footcardigan.com/pages/custom-socks\$8.50$5.00Yes3-4 weeks
SockFancyhttps://custom.sockfancy.com/pages/custom-socks$12.65$10.15$6.00Yes2-4 weeks
SockPandahttps://sockpanda.com/pages/custom-socks\$7.10$6.00Yes6-8 weeks
EverSoxhttps://www.eversox.com/\$10.20$7.70Yes3-5 weeks
SockClubhttps://custom.sockclub.com/\$10.11$8.83Yes1-2 weeks
MakeMySockshttp://www.makemysocks.com/\$6.97<$6.97No8 weeks
WOOTER APPEARLhttps://wooterapparel.com/socks/$13.99$10.99$5.99No3-4 weeks
Customysockshttps://customysocks.com/en/\NA$4.60Yes1- 8 weeks
DivvyUpSockshttps://www.divvyupsocks.com/bulkcustomsocks$14.00$11.00NAYes2 weeks
Madebycooperhttps://www.madebycooper.co.uk/products/custom-made-socks/knitted-socks$8.65$4.33$2.73Yes4-6 weeks
iPromohttps://www.ipromo.com/promo-products/20083/Custom-Socks.html$14.65$11.32$6.97Yes4-6 weeks
BoldSockshttps://www.boldsocks.com/custom-socks-guide/lowest-minimums$12.99$9.99$6.99NA2-3 weeks
DIEHARDhttps://diehardscarves.com/customized/product/crew-socks/$12.00$5.75$3.75NA3-4 weeks
Tribestoreshttps://tribestores.com/pages/custom-made-race-socks\$8.00NANA4-6 weeks
CustomINKhttps://www.customink.com/custom/logo-socks$15.80$13.56$12.07NA2 weeks
Swaghttps://swag.com/product/swagcom-socks$22.38$15.56$13.14Yes3 weeks
Elitesportsockshttps://www.elitesportsocks.com/$12.99$8.99$5.99NA3-4 weeks
customsocksIOhttps://www.customsocks.io/\$9.63$6.25Yes1-2 weeks
ProSockshttps://www.prosocks.com/$9.00$7.90NANA2-3 weeks
FridaySockshttps://www.fridaysocks.com/pages/friday-custom-socksNANANANA2-3 weeks
Schoolspiritstorehttps://shop.schoolspiritstore.com/custom-spirit-socks.htm\$7.65$6.30NA4-6 weeks
Letssupporthttps://www.letssupport.com/product-page/crew-socks\$7.50$6.00Yes3-4 weeks
Custom Logo Sock Pricing Compared From 30 Vendors

What about sock quality?

We always love low-priced items, but we also want to make sure they are in good quality, of course! So from the table above you see SockCustom is among the cheapest list (especially for big orders 500+ pairs), and you are worried about SockCustom’s quality. No worries at all!

Frankly, socks are not high-tech products that require patented techniques to manufacture. All logo socks vendors just purchase sock-knitting machines (Lonati etc) and outsourse yarn spindles to produce the socks.

custom logo sock pricing - yarn spindle collection
custom logo sock pricing – yarn spindle collection

In the custom logo sock market, 90% of vendors offer GOOD products. Logo socks usually go with several hundreds and the biggest cost is actually advertising and management, not raw material cost. So vendors won’t compromise quality, they look for a consistent and healthy reputation.

And 30% are offering premium branded socks (and SockCustom is among the top 30%!). Unlike SockCustom (in-house custom sock manufacturing), most vendors just outsource the production to sock factories so they can’t really control the sock quality, and thus they can’t guarantee the production lead-time either. Actually 3 sock vendors in the list above outsource from SockCustom.

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